A bikini beach transgender story

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I knew that I would be most comfortable in a girl's bathing suit, but I didn't voice that at the time. I was dating and passing as a woman, but my life was at a halt. I was smooth all over, I had bought the best bikini top and a string bottom from the downtown surf shop. Jayson lifted off his tshirt and was topless now. She started kissing Jayson while Jayson was stroking me, and I was licking Melonie. What I had thought about this couple was slowly coming to reality. I put down the towel a bit far away from the people enjoying the sand n sun.

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He made me all wet and slid his finger inside me.

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Bikini Beach

My black bikini was showing off nicely out of it. It was a hot summer and I had been waiting all the years of my life to finally take my womanly growing body to the beach with a barely little coverings on. Soon Jayson moved between my legs, holding my bare ass open to his face, started eating me. My breasts were open and welcoming to Melonie. I got off the couch, on my four approaching Melonie laying on her back, while Jayson right behind me.

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Of course, this is not true. Melonie was desperate to get me out of my dress. He tasted sweet and salty at the same time. I couldnt resist but to lock my lips with hers. When summer hit seven months later, I was wearing shorts, skirts, bras, tank tops, but no bikinis. I rest my hand over Melonies shoulder and pulled her closer to me.

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