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R He is the best thing about the series! Cole is doing a Reddit AMA tonight, in case any of you bitches have questions. They don't really have to work. In the archive the words 'incest' and 'homosexuality' come up more than once or twice in his personal selections of scholarly articles of interest. I'm the same age as him so that's no surprise, but I'm also a depressed lesbian. Therefor, behaviors such as anthropophagy, incest, rape, prostitution, penury, multiple sexual allotment, nudity, homosexuality, and human sacrifice become gold veins of anthropological opportunity.

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They don't really have to work.

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Cole Sprouse

Dylan is stockier while Cole is lankier. Lol Casey Cott is so gay and hot. R [quote]I'm currently lookin' for '95 Leo. It's the complete disregard for context Even that guy briefly on Glee modeled for Versace. R Er, year-old, that is.

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I looked at him and he looked back, not hostile, just aware that I'd been looking. He's on the up in his career. He had a big salad with quinoa in it and the strawberry lemonade I walked by their table to go to the restroom and made sure to take a look LOL. OP's picture tells me he's just like me: Cole is the best thing in the show Riverdale!

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