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McPherson, D. Select your specializations: My time spent there in high school brought me peace most of the time. Travel buddies can be part of your journey. Bibliography and citations updated to include new studies and literature. Although stereotypes and misconceptions still perpetuate policy, legislation, and practice, from a child-centered perspective the willingness of social-services agencies to accept LGBT adults as parents means that more children will have loving and permanent families. Read More.

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Adoptions by gay couples rise despite barriers.

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Share Tweet Share. Developmental Psychology29 120— There is much we have yet to learn, and there is much we, like everyone else, have been incorrectly taught. Not one study has found that the children of LGBT parents face greater social stigma.

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Concurrently, throughout the late s, as social activism in LGBT communities was nurturing the growth of a new sense of dignity among lesbians and gay men, adult lesbians and gays became increasingly willing to identify themselves openly.

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