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It's not terribly perfect as a whole, but there are enough spirited and unpredictable sketches like the nut-house and acid trip scene and those ones involving the incompetent police and performances to overlook these failures. Martin Eagle Siegal, Scott English. What will happen to the duo when they stray away from their favorite drug and experiment with others? They chime and chat about random mindless bunk while the wonderful sounds of country-rock is heard in the apropos background. Instead, it seems like maybe they were high while they wrote and filmed this. Think of Jeff Spicoli. I don't always think that something different is better just because it's different.

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Concrete paving, grey stucco walls, drab doors withand embossed on them, and, as a feeble protest against the gloom, a few flowerpots and plaster dwarfs.

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While Jamie's homosexuality remains concealed, his introvert nature and dislike of football are reason enough for his classmates to bully him at every opportunity. One such detour involves a trip to a mental hospital where the doctor seems whackier than the patients. Cheech and Chong run an ice cream business called Nice Dreams, which actually is a cover for them to sell their special blend of dope. Ste Scott Nealwho is living together with his drug-dealing brother and abusive, alcoholic father in the flat next door, is one night beaten by his brother so badly that Sandra takes pity and lets him sleep over. It's just not funny, and strangely sad. Wikiquote has quotations related to:

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The rest is pretty bad. It turns anyone who smokes it into an iguana. Unfortunately, Sargent Stedanko and his motley crew of narcs want to bust them and lock 'em up forever. It's just not funny, and strangely sad. BrandtSponseller 11 August Yes you read that right.

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