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Spartacus somehow survives the pits, and despite losing Batiatus' winnings, he regains the favour of his dominus after helping to foil an assassination attempt by two slaves, and is restored again to gladiator status. It's free so why not? That sent shivers down my spine. I just watched tonight's season finale on demand, as well. Goofs The characters frequently address Batiatus, among others, using the form of address "Dominus" Lord.

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This series really got better for me as it went along.

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Meet the gays of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

Starz' Spartacus is nothing but soft core pron, with gratuitous violence galore. He becomes a favorite of the crowd, leading Senator Albinius to commute his death sentence to a life of slavery. Crixus, after working to regain Lucretia's sexual favour, interrupts Segovax's attempt to strangle Spartacus. NY Times reporting it too. I know we do! Love the title "whores" of the latest episodes. Lugo 14 episodes, Kelvin Taylor

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Did anyone else see Lucy Lawless' character get stabbed in the gut in next week's preview? Clearly there was never a more homoerotic bromance on television than the one between Spartacus and Varro. Crixus, barely alive after the near-fatal fight with Theokoles, is now in a drugged sleep. They are being forced to see dicks AND male on male action as part of the tapestry. Where are the twinks? Yet the "boy lover" insults in SPARTACUS and paint both the Thracians and Spartans as free from homosex themselves and as having a generally negative view of "boy loving," neither of which was true of those two cultures in those eras. I think Blondie is way in love with Spartacus.

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