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CWM85 What an asswipe… how would he like it if he called the N word? What can you tell me about that side of it? It must be hard for you when Christians attack gays in some way. And though there was a time when artists like Public Enemy and NWA waxed political, hip-hop today is dominated by money, power, bling and video vixens. Debbie Allen. So common, in fact, that one hip-hop radio personality says he discussed it with his Los Angeles barber last week. Skip to content.

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Another crude black rapper; the country is overrun with these minimally talented freaks.

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And in black gay culture, in the US, we have our own kind of language that may not be understood by the mainstream. Rumors like that are usually a load of bullshit. Most Popular This Week 1. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of antigay bustarhymes chelsea stories and more.

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Now, this is another one of those situations where being around really gay stuff only adds fuel to a big gay fire.

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