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Gates saw a radical subtext beneath the minstrel show. Gates was comfortable in the white world and, equally important, he made white people comfortable in his. After I met Skip, I began to learn to think about race in western culture. And he seemed to respond to me and to Sharon. He had a big Afro, and a big white felt hat, the kind you saw in blaxploitation movies.

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At last, the financially strapped couple had some breathing room.

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Essays on Afro-American Literature and Culture, One of them from a Harvard professor who seemed to feel that he should not be disrespected by a lowly police officer; the other from an officer who seemed to feel that a powerful Black professor could be treated differently from a powerful White professor. It was a courageous statement. Sharon was not happy in New Haven anyway, and wanted to start over. Even at that early age, Gates possessed more than his share of charisma. I was so nervous, and he was very sweet about it. The Two Nations of Black America http:

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The first black American to receive a Ph. He was pure reason, but very sensual. A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources. The Myth of the Middle. Gates will fight as diligently for poor Black men as he is fighting for himself, and his fight will go beyond writing papers for academic journals that hardly anyone ever reads. Notes on the Culture Wars. They talked about this and that.

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