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TV episode is from Season 2. TV is truly a passion project! I got asked, "When did you decide to come out? One year later, we're celebrating the first anniversary of our series NoMoreDownLow. But they weren't asking the right questions. We want to hear from you! Queer Voices Lgbt Down Low.

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Why are these nameless, faceless people who are creeping, so to speak, getting more media attention than the black same-gender-loving SGL people who are open and honest and living in their truth?

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The Down Low Made Me Do It!

I say that "too niche" is going to help more black same-gender-loving people come out and experience an authentic life. Most people don't realize that black lesbians were being kicked out of the military at a higher rate than any other group. In addition to executive producer Earnest Winborne, the show's co-hosts include Janora McDuffie and Kendell Hogan; correspondent Mark Noble; with associate producer and features correspondent Lawrencia Dandridge. Yes, the Down Low may have been a media catchphrase, but it compelled one black gay man to turn that negative into a positive spotlight on SGL people who openly live far away from the shadows of their communities. TV Season 2 Episode I have been given all these opportunities to work with the best in the business for a reason.

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News and Access Hollywoodjust to name a few. I've been to every award show red carpet possible through my years with ExtraE! I realized that black gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are the invisible people. And more often than not, I have been the only black male on the team. We are committed to telling stories that speak the truth about the lives of black LGBT people.

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