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Gratitude continually flows forth, as if the most unexpected thing had happened, the gratitude of a convalescent for convalescence was this most unexpected thing. Above all, an art for artists, only for artists! Search Quotes Quotes by Book: Assorted Opinions and Maxims. Friedrich Nietzsche quote about stronger. The former requires his philosophy, whether it be as support, sedative, or medicine, as salvation, elevation, or self-alienation; with the latter it is merely a fine luxury, at best the voluptuousness of a triumphant gratitude, which must inscribe itself ultimately in cosmic capitals on the heaven of ideas. Login here for access.

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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche quote about technology.

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The Gay Science Quotes

The philosophy professor Kathleen Higgins believes the book provides an example of Nietzsche's sense of humor. Are we not straying as though through Infinite nothing? In other words, the less one knows how to command, the more urgently one covets someone who commands, who commands severely—a god, prince, class, physician, father confessor, dogma, or party conscience. Hours in which honesty is permitted have become rare, and when they arrive one is tired and does not only want to "let oneself go" but actually wishes to stretch out as long and wide and ungainly as one happens to be Affirmation As part of his embrace of amor fatiNietzsche tells the reader: Incipit tragcedia, it is said at the conclusion of this seriously frivolous book; let people be on their guard!

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In sum, one cannot be too kind about women. Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future, published in Email already in use. Friedrich Nietzsche quote about dedication. Friedrich Nietzsche quote about purpose.

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