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After a phone call and some grumbles on her part, Carter is sent out to protect Princess Isabella Leila Francisca Raihson. Hang out" Max said with a flirty smile. Instinctually Justin placed his hand on his brother's head. He took a step closer to the werewolf, making Mason both scared and aroused at the same time. But that soon went away when he realised that his parents didn't know each other, and his dad still had his magic. The werewolf took off his shirt swiftly, noticing how Max looked at his body. Both of them now almost completely naked, because they still had boxers.

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He took the boy's hips and brought them up, so that his head was down on the bed and his ass was in the air. Justin and Jerry both groaned into each other's mouths. Both of them now almost completely naked, because they still had boxers. Justin sit down on his bed and Max settled on the desk chair. After his eruption, Justin laid there, tired from the climax he just enjoyed, but Jerry wasn't done yet. Eventually will be M rating. He was up and following Jerry instantly.

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Justin had never felt such pleasure as wave after wave of hot cum washed the inside of him. Max flipped the two over and begun riding the wolf, bouncing his ass on that fat cock. Mason growled at the feeling. It wasn't that he was gay, he wasn't. He waited again for it be purely pleasure and took his fingers out.

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