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Qureshi H, Walker A. There is a paucity of research documenting the influences of race, ethnicity, geography, and socioeconomic status on older LGBT individuals. Roberts and colleagues surveyed women, comparing various cardiovascular risk factors between self-identified lesbians aged 40 and older residing in California and their self-identified heterosexual sisters closest in age. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, 311 Supplement Women and Health40 3

Some transgender people who were not visibly gender role nonconforming in childhood do retrospectively report cross-gender feelings in childhood, whereas others do not.

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Journal of Chemical Dependency Treatment. Components of sexual identity. Perceptions of heterosexual bias in professional psychology programs: Communication between adolescents and physicians about sexual behavior and risk prevention. Implications for public health intervention. Primary medical care of the gay or lesbian patient. Aging and sexual orientation:

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Simultaneously published as a chapter in: American Journal of Public Health, 93 Gay, lesbian and bisexual people on the job. Discrimination and fear of discrimination are common and prominent themes in studies of LGBT aging. Annual Review of Psychology.