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The Basic Law of Macau 's Article 25 indicates the people of Macau are free from discrimination based on a non-exhaustive list of prohibited factors. Luo was considered a "homowife", local slang for a woman married to a homosexual male akin to the English term "beard". The company added that it had enabled artificial intelligence to weed out pornographic content since last year, and vowed to further support Aids prevention work. The temple also performs marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. Other works depict less platonic relationships.

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Such usage is seen in Taiwan.

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An example of the latter term appears in a 6th-century poem by Liu Xiaozhuo:. So they are cracking down on LGBT events, not particularly because these people are gay, but because they see their organising as a potential threat. South China Morning Post. Chinese homosexuals did not experience persecution which would compare to that experienced by homosexuals in Christian Europe during the Middle Agesand in some areas, particularly among the merchant classes, same-sex love was particularly appreciated. In Junethe Government of Hong Kong extended limited recognition and protection to cohabitating same-sex couples in its Domestic Violence Ordinance.

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Other works depict less platonic relationships. The earliest records of homosexuality and same-sex relations in China date from the Shang Dynasty era c. The temple also performs marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. University of California Press. Labour law specifically protects workers against discrimination on the basis of a person's ethnicity, gender or religion. These slang terms are also commonly used in mainland China now.

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