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Much research obviously would be ruled out immediately on legal and ethical grounds, but some promising areas of study exist. A Time magazine article 29 describes a number of studies showing changes in brain structure as a result of mental stimuli. Ward sees this as a self-hating narrative. For one thing, the study relied on a technique called genetic linkage, which has been widely replaced by genome-wide association studies. The search for a gene associated with homosexuality has not shown any reproducible findings. You can spot the problem with this study a mile away: The wall between science and politics must stand now and always.

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Most early studies did not do a scale ranking.

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Gay Scientists Have Isolated The “Christian” Gene [VIDEO]

I have more important things to worry about. People may change the identity labels they use and who they have sex with but sexual attractions seem stable over time. With genetics on the sideline, research seriously must consider the question of later influences on the brain. The reason we have to have validation is because bigots and homophobes keep trying to strip us of our rights. This egg later splits in two. The solution to science producing evidence that is inconsistent with political goals is not to fudge the science, but rather, to modify the politics. These findings also could be useful in designing and implementing more effective ways to carry out sexual reorientation therapy.

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The brains of gay and heterosexual people also appear to be organised differently. Spitzer received a number of personal attacks from colleagues and from gay activists. I was just discussing the science and the scientific evidence. To date, these studies represent the most thorough research in the field. The evidence to date offers no consensus that the Born This Way argument is the beginning and end of the story. The sooner we can show conclusively that homosexuality is not a choice, the sooner our government can stop taking seriously those that move to strip rights away from LGBT people.

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