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The movie tells the true story—and trust me, you'll have trouble believing it's true—of Steven Russell, a gay man who just can't stop conning his way through life. As his obsession increases, more and more similarities seem to arise. Nice supporting performances, such as Leslie Mann's as Russell's ex-wife Deb, round out the movie. After being released, he helps get Phillip freed from prison by posing as a lawyer, then attains wealth by fraudulently acquiring a position as Chief Financial Officer of a large medical management company called USAMM. Views Read Edit View history. Original Soundtrack was composed by Nick Urata.

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Damon Wise of The Times gave the film four stars out of five, stating, " I Love You Phillip Morris is an extraordinary film that serves as a reminder of just how good Carrey can be when he's not tied into a generic Hollywood crowd-pleaser.

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On June 3,the film was delayed yet again due to legal battles. You might even call this the perfect romantic comedy for people who hate traditional romantic comedies: The end of the movie explains that the real-life Phillip Morris was released from prison in ; but Steven was given a life sentence and is in hour lockup, only having one free hour a day to shower and exercise, which the film implies to be because an official involved in the sentencing had a brother-in-law who was conned by Russell. Man on the Moon Oh, no, don't tou

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When an affluent couple lose all their money following a series of blunders, they turn to a life of crime to make ends meet. Goofs The heart monitor for the flat-lining patient has the date Jun, even though the story is set in the mids. Heartbroken, Phillip calls Steven while he is in the infirmary and confesses that, while he is still upset with Steven for lying to him, he still loves him. The writers told the Nashville audience that when choosing material to include from Steve McVicker's nonfiction book, they decided they primarily wanted to tell the love story. Retrieved August 26,

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