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Filmed on Saturday 28th July Libby enjoyed his role in the community. Some error message here. Local historian Neal Cobb reasoned back then that a bar that catered to people who could be so casually marginalized for their orientations might well sympathize with his own plight: Queer people were routinely harassed in public then, Palmer said, especially men.

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And we put them in a cab and sent them to the Spice House.

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Shelly Palmer is a realtor and property owner who lives in North Carolina. Queer identities and acts were harshly stigmatized for well over a century—and that stigma was backed up by law. You can see all of your purchases and downloads on your account page. But one night, four or five inebriated straight men arrived who hit on the women there more aggressively than they would have liked. He credits growing up in Charlestown with teaching him how to fight.

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A straight couple owned the place, and people of every orientation went there during the day. Suggested videos The Glow Show Taking the conversation off the platform. Buy License Save video to folders Share video. This video has some restrictions which may inhibit your use - please contact licensing newsflare.

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