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This theory is incorrect — two of the biggest-selling titles last year were Black Panther and Ms Marvel — but it does suggest a conflict between diehard, conservative-minded fans and general movie audiences. Miles manages to survive the destruction by infiltrating an escape ship designed by the Cabal. I saw him in the costume and thought, 'I would like to read that book. Homecoming alludes to him. Leave these icons alone. These franchises are not here to promote an agenda. Page 2 Of 3".

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While there is still more work to be done in LGBTQ representation in video games, this is an amazing win.

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Move over, Peter Parker – the new Spider-Man ushers in a bold superhero era

Spider-Men II 1 September Which means we are due to see a great deal more of it. Spider-Man 22 Junethough his surname is misspelled "Marcus" in that issue. Parker is still in the movie — but he is a paunchy middle-aged slob. Superheroes are the idols of children everywhere, and for good reason. Jefferson is critically injured and hospitalized in this battle, and when Venom pursues him at the hospital, Spider-Man again confronts him, during which Miles' mother, Rio, also learns that her son is Spider-Man.

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They fly at the speed of light, leap from the tallest buildings, and own the coolest gadgets, all while fighting crime and restoring justice to the world. In contrasting Miles with Peter Parker, Bendis has depicted different conflicts and anxieties for the character. Miles wears a costume given to him by S. The response to the black Spiderman shows why we need one". The benefits of having a culturally inclusive pantheon of superheroes barely need pointing out, but perhaps Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige put it best.

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