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In this episode, we get the chance to listen to a compelling talk by Shauna Niequest as she explores her mother's journey into calling. Why you can trust BBC News. Episode Restoring the Justice System: As a result, Christians often struggle to connect what they believe with what they do day by day. Together, Michael and Gabe discuss the most significant midterm results, the effects of political polarization and partisan identity, and what it means for American believers to live out a faithful witness in the political sphere. Episode Understanding Our Cultural Moment: Worshippers in the evangelical wing of the Church of England say they are being forced out for being gay.

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And is our definition of success making us poor?

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Attitudes towards Gay Rights

Click the circles to find out more What role does fear have in the iconoclast? It can be hard for husbands and wives to work together in a way that is respectful and beneficial. We can therefore detect a broadly similar pattern to that shown in Figure 1in that attitudes towards same sex relations have liberalised in recent decades, and this has occurred across religious groups. Episode Why Culture Matters: How can Christians approach conversations about transgender identity? Bobette Buster suggests it's time to relearn a lost art.

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Read the full article. The subscription details associated with this account need to be updated. In a globalized world where ideas, religions and ethnic groups collide, the question remains, can we find a way through? Kimberly Kuo, writer and advocate, personally understands the agony of this choice and will help us explore whether it's more courageous to die as we please or trust God with our final days. Jo Saxton The way we think about our life's work has the potential to advance good or to become self-referential. Muslims make up a majority of the population in 49 countries around the world, and is the fastest growing religion according to the Pew Research Center.

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