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Iran is perhaps the nation to execute the largest number of its citizens for homosexuality. Psychology Today. It is the churches who are deeply confused about gender and sexuality. The masculinity of an adult male citizen was defined sexually by his taking the penetrative role, whether his partner was female or a male of lower status. How serious a problem do you think discrimination against gays and lesbians is in this country -- a very serious problem, a somewhat serious problem, not too serious or not at all serious? Atlanta Black Star. Not so confusing really.

why being gay is wrong
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In both societies, though, once a youth came of age he was expected to take on another youth as beloved, and eventually to marry and continue the family line.

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Clarke, Looking at Lovemaking: Homosexuality in Ancient Rome. Anonymous March 13, Transgenderism, increased sexual activity amongst teens, higher std rates, forced to perform acts against ones conscience…. Same-sex intercourse legal.

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LGBT rights by country or territory.

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