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Furious with Chad for continuing to sleep with Whitney, Vincent engineers a scenario in which Whitney sees Vincent and Chad having sex in the back of a gay bar ; Whitney leaves Chad immediately and he distances himself from Vincent. After Chad broke up with Whitney he was briefly involved with Valerie Davis, his co-worker at Crane Industries but that fizzled out. While confessing his affair to his friends Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald and Noah BennettChad repeatedly insists that he is not gay, and that his relationship with Vincent is based solely on sex. This is daytime TV and sometimes children see these if their moms watch. Media outlets expressed differing opinions over the exact nature of Chad's sexuality.

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Simone breaks up publicly with Chad and tells everyone in Harmony about his relationship with Whitney.

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Chad says it matters what Ethan thinks and he is going to prove to Ethan that he is not gay by hitting on a woman at the club. Namespaces Article Talk. Forgot your password?

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Whitney thinks she's still in shock.

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