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Degrassi franchise. Viewing figures continued to drop when episodes two and six were both watched by an average ofviewers. However, Caitlin ends the relationship when she learns about Keith's doubts about going through with marriage. Ellie loved Craig for yearsand Craig, in his own screwed up way, loved Ellie right back. Riley ties Drew up and says, "You're lucky, I used to have a violent streak.

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I was so glad when Ashley off-screen dumped Craig for good for Alastair.

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These two were cute, but forgettable. As one of the show's few legacy couples, it was upsetting to see these two break up over and over again, in increasingly terrible ways Click through to read about how the franchise has tackled these issues over the years.

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Riley gets back from his run and his mom pretends like nothing was on his bed.

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