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Media The Two Fellows Although we restricted the study populations from each data set to be as similar as possible eg, aged 18 years and older, anal sex with a man in the past 12 months, cis-gender male and performed adjusted analyses, there are some inherent differences between the United States and Sub-Saharan Africa study populations that cannot be adjusted for, including sampling strategies, mode of survey administration, and time period of study participation. References 1. However, comparisons are imperfect because many studies do not use consistent metrics for measuring this stigma across settings [ 40 ]. It is also possible that AMIS participants, who were recruited from gay-related websites, were more actively involved in the gay community and more likely to be exposed to stigma. Programmes Serving the Needs of Key Populations.

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Based on Figure 5the overall pattern of responses appeared to be similar across regions, with MSM in all settings most commonly reporting verbal harassment and less commonly reporting rape or being treated poorly in a health care center.

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The global epidemic of HIV infection among men who have sex with men. A case-control study in Mississippi. The immediate eff ect of the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act on stigma, discrimination, and engagement on HIV prevention and treatment services in men who have sex with men in Nigeria:

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Structural stigma and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis reactivity in lesbian, gay, and bisexual young adults.

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