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No question goes unanswered in this easily-accessible book about gay people and LGBT issues. New York TimesMay 25, What can I do? SpanishDict is devoted to improving our site based on user feedback and introducing new and innovative features that will continue to help people learn and love the Spanish language. Virtually no child, gay or straight, gets through school without being picked on for one reason or another, so you can rest assuredunfortunatelythat you and your child are not alone. What shall I do? Sign up with email.

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No matter what the circumstances, those of us who are touched at some point in life by suicide are left with difficult, disturbing, and seemingly unanswerable questions.

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Eric Marcus is that very comrade. Is It A Choice? Then hide somewhere and bury that "axe of Tenedos" [proverb for unflinching justice], which you hold over us, and do not, whatever you do, give up your intention of pleading cases, or along with yours let all lips be dumb. Eric Marcus not only writes with grace and clarity, but makes it look so easythe ultimate measure of historian and novelist alike. In his famous Meditationswritten towards the end of his life, he recorded that he learned from his father "to suppress all passion for young men", although as Emperor he instituted no official sanctions against homosexuality, other than to refuse to acknowledge the existence of Antinous, boyfriend of his patron the Emperor Hadrian. What should I say? I said to myself, "That's it.

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Log in Sign up. Reproduction for sale or profit prohibited. Among the many questions I answer are: He valued eloquence more highly than philosophy, but failed to persuade his serious pupil to follow that path. All the basics and not-so-basics are covered in more than one hundred questions. No, that is not my reason for calling myself happy.

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