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He was still hard at work in the bathroom. He arrived at the apartment and immediately noticed the pictures on the walls. One hot Saturday morning I had just got out of bed and emerged into the living room, nude as usual. He had me turn and he took about a half roll of ass shots. After a bit he said I seemed like a decent enough guy- first month's rent up front and I could move in.

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I shut my eyes tight and suddenly felt waves of thick cum splatter all over my forehead, cheeks, lips and chin.

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My Nudist Roommate

Perfect for my immediate needs. Think you can get hard for me? You could see most my cock- just the tip was in his ass. Any and all companionship between the genders must be romantic or nonexistent, according to society. Have many seats, please.

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Ron had a VW Van- no problem handing the rough trail. Seconds later, six strong jets of my thin, pure white cum shot out, plastering my face and neck. I heard him answer back "Nope, in here. He reached over and placed his hand on my ass and gave it a slap and a squeeze then walked right in front of me, moving in close. What are you doing?

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