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We are, after all, celebrating the one-year anniversary of Obergefell v. ADF—which was instrumental in litigating the Burwell v. Cracker Barrel has been frustrating advocates with its overtly racist and anti-gay practices for years. The claim in Hobby Lobby was not that anyone was forced to take the offending contraception. You remember the Hobby Lobby case. This woman-only gym franchise has made a fortune helping women get into shape. By Guest contributor July 1,

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The pontiff this week visited a group of nuns who sued over an Obamacare rule.

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Cracker Barrel has been frustrating advocates with its overtly racist and anti-gay practices for years. According to AlterNet"He was reviled by abortion rights activists for his contributions to anti-abortion groups and his oft-repeated story about talking a Carl's Jr. Broke in Philly Taking on gentrification with a community land trust in Point Breeze The WCRP is building five new houses that'll be affordable for the foreseeable future. Hobby Lobby took its fight against women's health care all the way to the Supreme Court — and won. It was a dignity thing. As a non-profit that doesn't accept advertising or corporate support, we rely on our readers for funding. What's at stake this time is every bit as critical as what was at stake in Hobby Lobby.

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No one has asked it to film any same-sex weddings yet, but it has filed a pre-enforcement challenge anyway. She was being treated differently. The news is the blues. The idea of what religious freedom means is not a settled matter. But its founder, Gary Heavin, has contributed to anti-choice organizations that are aligned with Operation Save Americaa group that lobbies Congress for anti-woman policies and proudly proclaims its goal of "unashamedly tak[ing] up the cause of preborn children in the name of Jesus Christ" on its website. The sequel to the case involves a group of religious nonprofits that don't want to sign a form.

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