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I'm in my mid 30s and Michael here is in his mid 20s—unless you lied. Ruby Rims shared some performance stories about the original Duplex, which moved to its current location in in the old offices of The Village Voice. Stonewall 51 Christopher St. I play oldie-oldies and I time tunnel from the '50s and '60s through the late '80s. Forty people and they look crowded.

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I'm saying, "You can dance, you can look foolish.

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12 Lost Gay Bars of New York City

It was more focused, what it felt like and looked like. It has a window with LED lights around it, and a tourist was in the window and seemed to be making a humping motion. Florent 69 Gansevoort St. That's an interesting thing about the tourists—you're hearing these great stories. I moved to New York in ' But they didn't really do a full inspection. The Anvil W.

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I play oldie-oldies and I time tunnel from the '50s and '60s through the late '80s. It's interesting to watch the shifts in neighborhoods. But sometimes there's a hunger to go back to that. Yeah, they definitely require a few drinks and the real dancing doesn't happen till about We read the signs they used to have outside talking about the dress codes to illustrate how exclusive these spaces can be.

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