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Though we do know something of what has gone on at other American interrogation centers, for example, the American air base at Bagram, Afghanistan. Sabrina Harman, center, leaves the courthouse Monday with her attorneys Capt. The Americans took him to a detention center at Baghdad airport, and from there to the big military prison at Um Qasr, and finally, after three months, to Abu Ghraib. When the soldiers approached them they were standing by their car, a blue Opel. It was on the top left side of the tier. One was an Arabic-speaking translator for the C.

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He was censured officially for its thoroughness — another display of the US military culture.

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A couple of those police they were female because I heard their voices and I saw two of the police that were hitting me before they put the bag over my head. I think what happened is that you took a sophisticated concept at Gitmo, where the Geneva Convention did not apply But they are a known reality. All one can do is to say there is no really good facial signal that evolved.

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It is clear that there was a death and an attempted cover-up.