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So im not what so ever trying to be rude or homophobic if that's how I sound? I stalked in past him. They know they can go to bathhouses every night and blow hundreds of other males, and it doesn't make them gay. He spends excessive time texting people at irregular hours. Submitted by Ken on November 5, - 9: As the days progress, his stuttering becomes more pronounced. Not even touching me,I was like OMG!

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Of course, there's no way to know if these anecdotes mean that this guy is gay.

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Submitted by chic on May 27, - There are lots of other factors that can contribute to these changes in the body, so don't point to this as your smoking gun. My user name is misrepresented Submitted by Interested Person on August 10, - 2:

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He was critical of any woman who flirted with him in any way.

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