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According to the study, this DNA test can predict the sexual orientation of males with up to 70 percent accuracy by analyzing five epigenetic markers, and all it takes is a swab of saliva. Henvendelser om denne tjenesten: Global Brands Brands Corporate. To quote a fortune cookie: Video This is the player used on the MOL video portal. This is the player used on the MOL video portal.

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This, in turn, poses serious questions as to whether "cutting off parts of the world that do not share certain [values]" is "in the spirit of the internet. Avoid seafood and walks in the woods. But tech blogs like Gizmodo have pointed out that some variant of the "thought policing" effect might actually provide sites with added benefit: Guys who like the taste of coffee are more likely to cheat on their girlfriends. You'll never fall for robots or nymphos, but you will suffer longs bouts of marriage. And by the way, nice ass. Please view your lighbox to modify the assets.

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Henvendelser om denne tjenesten: As news channel Russia Today RT points outquestions like "whether Belarussian [sic] leader Aleksandr Lukashenko should be allowed to stay as President for life" might be answered differently whether or not the user is a pro-Lukashenko. Video This is the player used on the MOL video portal. Joyous trumpets and champagne supernovas! Scientists have developed an algorithm that uses epigenetic information from nine regions of the human genome to predict whether a man is gay or straight.