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I feel like I was at the forefront of the gay liberation movementand I hope I did my part to help it move forward. Of course, bathhouses have since become almost exclusively a venue for men to congregate with sex in mind. James Press. After paying at the main entrance, the customer is buzzed through the main door. Wired News. Straight guys do not go to gay bath houses unless for some reason the bath has a great gym that is cheaper than joining a regular gym with sauna and stream. Some are straight and comfortable enough to brush off advances.

what happens in gay bath houses
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Some men opt to shower in brief-cut swimwear, sometimes wearing their swimwear or underwear under their bath towels for the duration of their stay at the sauna.

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Straight Boy Undercover". Police in China are reported to have raided a gay health spa in the city of Guangzhou and arrested 37 men on charges of prostitution. Some bathhouse owners tried to prevent sex among patrons while others, mindful of profits or prepared to risk prosecution, overlooked discreet homosexual activity. If that is not enough — sometimes set days are set for specific types of gay men, meaning you are more likely to find just what you are looking for.

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A bathhouse is not the venue for seeking romantic love or long-term lovers—even if a gentleman should always be open to the possibility.

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