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And she was nuts. The Author Words by louderthanwar. Come get me. I think its good that people protest. To some you are very controversial band, and most of your songs reference boobies, sex, and anything along those lines. In a statement, MTV said, "After reviewing the video again internally, there were some images we didn't feel comfortable with and asked the record label to make some edits. My choice is elephant, but the only reason is, have you ever seen an elephant have sex?

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Netherlands Single Top [20].

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When the Russians and Americans finally got in Berlin in World War Two, after we blew everything up, the people, Berliners, ate the animals at the zoo! We have all bought new houses, and started a record company. Come get me. The joke's not funny if everybody gets it.

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Well, I like to be around stupid people, so I guess I would work for a band.

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