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An element of corroboration came from Don Smith, an officer on the Los Angeles police vice squad, who told me of interviews he conducted with youngsters during a paedophile investigation. This tradition grew out of reforms that followed the often questionable behavior of former FBI Director J. InEdgar Hoover was initiated [19] at D. However, Hoover also felt vulnerable given intensified public protest due to the Vietnam War and public focus on his actions at the FBI. Eisenhower to sign an Executive Order on April 29,that barred homosexuals from obtaining jobs at the federal level.

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J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI, and the “Sex Deviates” Program

Edgar Hoover's War against Him. Gossip along those lines was rife in Washington and — true or not — Hoover must have been aware of it. Anything beyond these raises serious ethical questions. He built files on writers, actors, on citizens across the spectrum who caught his malignant eye. A senior Hoover aide came to call, and the conversation went as follows: Less openly, he was racially prejudiced. Did anxiety on that front shape the way he behaved towards blacks — just as he lashed out at homosexuals while struggling with his own homosexuality?

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Sharpe New York and London, p. He attended Central High Schoolwhere he sang in the school choir, participated in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps program, and competed on the debate team. Retrieved from " https: The New York Times. According to critics, Hoover tended to exaggerate the dangers of these alleged subversives and many times overstepped his bounds in his pursuit of eliminating that perceived threat. Jackson left it to Hoover to decide how and when to use wiretaps, as he found the "whole business" distasteful.

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