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Great advice, we are not looking for sponsors for a trip but instead companies to sponsor a single page on our site for that particular destination. These include detention, removals, investigations, and intelligence and immigration control functions overseas. As you said it is scary, but you just have to jump in there. Hi Kelly, we use TweetReach and Hashtracker. By Victor November 4, - By Grrrl Traveler Christine November 14, - 1: By nicolas floret September 25, -

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Companies plan their year in advance and the sooner you can seek sponsorship the better.

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How to Get Sponsorship for An Event or Blog

Lots of good advice there, mate. The best advice we can give you is to really sell what you have to offer. This was great — thanks so much! Canadian citizens and permanent residents are able to provide opportunities for refugees living abroad to find protection and build a new life in Canada through the PSRP. Companies want to work with people they can trust and if you are professional with them during your first business venture, you have a good chance of working with them again.

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I like your idea. You have such an amazing product, I know that you can do it. Hi Lisa, we are so glad that you had success for Meet Plan Go. In its work to bring refugees to Canada and respectfully help them begin a new life in safety, ROAR partners with Brechin United Church, a registered charity in Nanaimo, and cooperates with organizations around the country. Companies plan their year in advance and the sooner you can seek sponsorship the better. I love the way your names sound together — sorry, I digress. We didn't know what people would say and how they would respond.

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