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It's the story and characters that matter. Overall a nice movie, albeit a little slow at times. By avoiding sleepovers, I managed to successfully keep my bedwetting known only to my immediate family, but that is where I was also shamed by my step-mother and step-brothers who lectured and teased me about being either too lazy or too chicken to go upstairs to the bathroom. This is such a beautiful movie to experience. And that i where we see the real importance of the things. Y picks up U.

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Sep 17, Full Review….

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My biggest criticism with the film is that it seems confused and possibly ignorant about the main character's identity. What more could Grondin want from life? A love story between a man and woman. For example, the music Zac listens to is very representative of theses decades you get Pink Floyd, David Bowie and evolves with the character, and is also used to create some insides between the characters like Hier encore j'avais 20 ans, that is sung every Christmas. Zac embraces all of these changes and struggles with his orientation.

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Then all the letters dissolve, with the exception of each first letters, thus creating and explaining the title of the film: In its first two weeks, C. Zachary is "the sensitive one" and is the only son out of five who does not develop "typically" into male behavior such as sports, motorcycles and a slew of girlfriends. Log in with Facebook. An excellent character study in so many ways - even secondary characters are satisfactorily fleshed out, or have enough about them to warrant sympathy. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. It contains the names of some very influential judges and politicians.

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