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There is a map of public phones click the Google link on the sitethough it might be incomplete or out of date. Most Israelis enjoy instant coffee and will order it in restaurants and shops. The same-sex spouse of an Israeli will now be able to claim Israeli citizenship at the same speed as an opposite-sex spouse. It was also used as " aggravating circumstances " for other sexual offences. Previously, same-sex couples had to wait up to seven years, and would generally only be granted permanent residency, rather than citizenship. Religious tattoos are an art in Jerusalem. If you carry a huge backpack, you can often get away with showing a passport, and the guards will be just as relieved as you.

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Haaretz — via Haaretz.

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Theoretically, the police could stop you at any time and ask to see it. In preparation for Shabbat, many people will be on the move, so traffic will be worst on Friday afternoon. A sherut can be hailed from anywhere, but can be easily found outside major bus stations.

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Religious sectors will completely remove Hametz from their properties.

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