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Dozens of staff officers were sprawled dead on the ground, unable to cope with the atrocious vehicle readiness numbers. Marine Corps 7 days ago. Clicking on any picture will reveal the much-larger source. Plus there was that time I saw two dudes going down on each other behind a port-o-shitter on Camp Leatherneck. Published 1 month ago on May 9, Two-guy hookups are very, very common in the military, but most military will never EVER acknowledge it. Mick I served in the military for many years.

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Marine Corps 2 days ago.

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Published 1 month ago on May 9, While in Germany for two years, I reckon I hooked up with 9 or 10 guys. According to Mullen the Marine Corps originally planned to just send designated Staff Sergeants back through Recruit Training, but several experimental classes never even checked in, and an investigation has still not uncovered where they spent those three months—or how they were all awarded Navy Achievement Medals.

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I think some were just horny and wanted chemical release.

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