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Reply this is pure lie!!! As responsible Christians, enlightened in moral and psychological development, we must understand how the man who seeks God has been subject to the ups and downs of increased knowledge of human nature, and make our laws more humane. Reply You are wrong. Some told me to stop being selfish, and that I needed to give God a chance to help me and make me better. I respect my congregation when I go and I stick to the parameters people follow there so they can share their things with God. That I was healthy and well, but that I disagreed with some of their teachings. Their own blood is upon them.

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Anytime they asked about my girlfriend, I would direct the answer in a different direction.

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Views about homosexuality among Jehovah's Witnesses

Of course, there are superstitious people and extremists, like in every congregation, which distort this God of love. Whereas, every other church has so many members doing the same thing. However, someone could come along one day and convince me to take this step. I told the elders that I had changed my mind. Their own blood is upon them. I let them know that things in my life were good. The Bible condemn men who lies with men.

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Yet I had never felt like such a stranger than when I saw the way they looked at me at that moment. Sometimes, when I read these kind of news, I just laughed because I can see Satan in action. I went back to school and ended up interning for an assembly woman and working on several committees. I think that many people will get married for financial reasons. They said they would consider it, but two days later, I was called in so they could tell me the verdict: How easy it would be for these oppressed souls. I thought I could handle it.

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