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What does it mean to be straight? She was associated with members of the Bloomsbury Group, especially the gay writer Lytton Strachey, and had an affair with US socialite Henrietta Bingham. Well done … and be WELL. We especially love his many paintings of popes trapped in space cages, screaming and surrounded by sides of beef. Male on young male is about control and manipulation oh and by the way there is no procreating in two men or two women you can romanticise it it was wrong then and wrong now. Gay Male Pulp Fiction. Her unique art and writing firmly establish her as a fascinating new lesbian icon.

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For Blyth the effort to present a different cultural voice is as relevant now as it was for the visual artists the Tate is about to celebrate:

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Tate Britain celebrates 50 years of gay freedom

Wine, women and song?! Often producing dozens of these drawings in a day, Haring used his art to engage passers-by in the act of creation as well as the resulting images. Pure heterosexual males are the most basic form of human life. I am straight and am married to a straight man for many years. And, your conclusive last sentence is straight-on no pun intended. They want more minds to corrupt and control. As Gay left his interiors devoid of figures, his personal impressions of interiors, the light and the mood are his subjects.

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Germany was the first European country to grant Jews the right to own land and they, in turn, literally enslaved Christians through, again, usury and inhumanworking conditions. To a great degree, light animates his interior renditions. The artist defined his rarefied approach aptly. The reality of the matter is that the Church and other similar organizations have maintained power over society by making people feel guilty for their basic human instincts. Should I conclude that all gay men are rapists? Probably more so homophobia is a direct consequence of misogyny and, therefore, sole blame of the heterosexual male.

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