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What It Means to Be a Man: What is New York for island Boricuas? Is it an always-present option, a safety-valve of sorts? In other words, the two female transvestic images create a more radical rupture of any image or illusion of verisimilitude that spectators might have. He returned to Spain in with Andanza.

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From source of fear to an essential component whose presence or absence is enough to determine the success of an evening:

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A Chronology of Actions by Artists of the Americas, — Personally i think it was about a single father losing his only son. This reaction corresponds to that of many critics including myself; I remember my initial fascination with Freddie, always accompanied by a fear of approaching his figure, perhaps due in part to my shyness and to the artist's aura and his grotesque hybridity. University of North Carolina Press. El Museo del Barrio. This is finally achieved at the end of the piece with the help of two angels who have escaped from heaven; the angels incite their passion by singing old-time boleros, accompanied by human-size bunny rabbits. I tell them in a straightforward, almost defensive way:

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Cardona15, trans. The Nuclear Winter of our discontent. In this way, the body becomes the main textual terrain for the exploration of issues and politics related to politics, subjectivity, nationality, sexuality, and aesthetics, among many others. Translocas are many things, contradictory ones, to be sure: My Contribution William Pope.

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