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It has now returned with a new episode, where Erlich encounters the preponderance of sleepy children on YouTube. Jonathan Bennett: This first came about following the removal of the ability to watch full episodes of the show on their website, as well as the addition of a live audience to the show. Brett Erlich Emma Vigeland. Sign in. Well, sort of.

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Sheesh, let's just say it's a good thing I just bought the new edition of Stalking for Dummies.

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Germain and discuss Game of Thrones. Welcome to a Saturday, which is when much of the blog-world slows down a bit and takes it easy. A woman got banned from Walmart because she drank wine from a Pringles can and did donuts in one of those automatic cart thingies. Shirley Temples with Amy Paffrath Hosts:

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The annoying text "what are you doing right now" phenomenon that has CNN's Larry King cackling, "thanks to all of You who put me ovah a quahtah million tweets, well that's somethin'," tonight on his show deserves a good roasting.

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