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If you have any questions, contact us. Simpson was the Executive Director of the U. Jacksonville Delays on HRO. Why healthcare matters for LGBT people. Schools must keep prevention a top priority. Ask Your Representative to Become a Cosponsor! Majority of Floridians back same-sex recognition.

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Slowly but surely the archaic anti-gay adoption ban crumbles.

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Obama Appoints Transgender Woman to Faith-based Advisory Council-Truth!

Tax Equity Policy Unanimously Approved! Opposition grows as transgender discrimination bill moves forward. Majority of Floridians back same-sex recognition. Have you seen this? Start of Registration for Domestic Partners in Sarasota. Four teens raped another in Walker Middle School locker room.

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Rich responds to Crist's "Explore Adoption Day". My Remarks before the Commission Tonight. Equality Florida Stands With Charleston. One More Reason for Marriage Equality: September Meet the Interns: Rabbi Opposes Marriage Amendment.

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